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CQtext:stormflag can be placed in all situation

March 04,2024

Are you looking for a flag that can withstand any weather condition? Search no further than Changzhou Quality Textile Stormflag.

Innovation in Design

The CQtext Storm flag is designed with an innovative fabric that specially made to withstand high winds and rain that has been heavy. The design that unique of flag is what sets it apart from more flags in the market. It can brave up to 60 miles each hour winds!

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Safety is a Priority

You can still place your CQtext Stormflag 90g outside your home in the event that you reside in a location that prone to hurricane or cyclone. With its reinforced structure, your flag shall not merely remain in place, nonetheless it shall be safe from causing harm in any situation.

Ease of Use

The CQtext Stormflag is quite straightforward to use and can be set up in minutes. You are doingn't need any equipment that specific professional installation services to install your flag. It's just a plain thing of securing it firmly to the ground.

Reliable Quality

The quality of material used to render stormflags are CQtext top-notch. The fabric is strong and will not fray or fade after a while, the flags are sewn together neatly, and the structure is sturdy. The flag comes with grommets, which are reinforced holes at the corners to ensure easy and installation that safe.


The Shining Stormflag 110g are CQtext can used for different kinds of events. A company, or a home, this flag try an excellent way to send your message across whether it is an event is outdoor. You can also personalize your CQtext Stormflag to put a touch that unique your message.

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How to Take Advantage Of Your CQtext Stormflag

It is effortless to install your CQtext Stormflag. Right here is how to go about this:

Step 1: Find the spot that right your flag

Choose a place that noticeable to your audience. Make certain the soil was firm and that the flag will not away be blown easily.

Step 2: Install the flagpole

The CQtext Stormflag comes with a flagpole. Insert the pole into the ground, making sure it is secure.

Step 3: Secure the flag to the pole

Once the pole was in place, secure the flag to the pole using the grommets. Make certain it's fastened correctly.

Step 4: Enjoy Your CQtext Stormflag

Your flag happens to be prepared for utilize. You can enjoy it for months or ages with little upkeep needed.


When you've got any queries or issues about your stormflag that has been CQtext customer service team is on standby to allow you to. You can reach us through our websites, email, or phone.

CQtext Stormflag is an innovative, safe, and flag that dependable for all sorts of outdoor events. With its sturdy structure and fabric that was high-quality you can be assured that your message may be viewed no matter what the weather condition. Get your CQtext Stormflag and make your events are outdoor out today.