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CQtext:one side beach flag made with spun polyester fabric,factory price

February 09,2024

If you are looking for a durable and beach that dependable, look no further than Changzhou Quality Textile. Their one side beach banner is created with spun polyester fabric, which will be known for its strength-to-weight ratio that high it sturdy sufficient to withstand ocean winds and salty ocean spray. Furthermore, as a result of finish that special the banner keeps its bright and colorful design, whether or not put through sunshine direct. Follow along as we explore a lot a lot more of the features and advantages of CQtext's beach flag.


One asset that advantageous of banner is its durability solid to its spun polyester construction. A spike is included by it which means you can effortlessly anchor the banner in to your ground. The flag banner fabric is convenient, as a result of its design rendering that lightweight perfect for traveling. Moreover, due to the vivid and design distinctive the banner is very noticeable, making it simple to find in connection with beach.


Perhaps one of the most innovative areas of CQtext's beach flag may function as surge that accompanies it. Made from durable plastic, it is resistant to breakage and can be efficiently inserted in sandy soil. Furthermore, the banner it self is engineered fabric using engages in chemical bonding immediately, enabling its vivid pattern to keep placed without having the dyes, which could otherwise rub off in the long run.

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Safety is a must with regards to beach tasks, and CQtext's beach flag means that your household members is safeguarded. This Banner textile is manufactured out of fire-resistant materials and is non-toxic. Also, the increase which comes with the banner seriously isn't razor-sharp and will perhaps not harm anyone who inadvertently actions on it.

How to make use of:

To enhance CQtext's beach flag, extract the surge through the package and affix it to your bottom of the flagpole. You need to the banner to your spot its desired by one to travel and stick the surge securely into the sand. Voila! Your banner shall flutter in the breeze, noticeable to all whom overlook.


CQtext is concentrated on customer service and provides service unparalleled. The customer service group can there simply be to help for anyone who has any concerns or issues about your beach banner. CQtext also provides a guarantee so you can be confident you're getting a product that top-quality.

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CQtext helps to ensure that this beach banner is made into the greatest requirements. Each banner is manufactured using spun polyester fabric and a robust, resilient surge, ensuing in a lasting and product durable. More over, CQtext's Tableflag and Table banner fabric group very carefully evaluates each banner it satisfies their requirements are strict it is delivered out, ensuring.