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CQtext:coated stormflag can be printed by both diftial print and screen print

February 27,2024

Can you know what a stormflag is? It’s a Changzhou Quality Textile flag that used to warn people about dangerous weather conditions are coming. It’s very important to have a stormflag around, specially when your home is near the ocean or in an area where there are hurricanes and other storms are strong.

Benefits of CQtext Coated Stormflag:

CQtext stormflag that coated a new and improved type of the old Storm flag is fashioned you can have seen before. It offers importance is many make it the choice that best for anyone who wants to stay safer during a storm:

1. It’s printed by both print that digital screen print, meaning the design shall feel sharp and clear no matter how it is made.

2. It’s coated, which means it is protected from the weather and won’t bring damaged. This is very important since you want your stormflag to be reliable and long lasting.

3. It’s safe to incorporate because it won’t away tear or fly in strong winds. This will be because the material is strong and durable, and the coating helps to ensure that it is in place.


How to Use CQtext Coated Stormflag?

Using CQtext Stormflag 90g that coated very easy. Whatever you've got to do are hang it up on a pole or flag pole. The flag will then fly in the wind, letting everyone realize that there’s a storm coming. You can also go on it down or away store it once the storm has ended.

Service and Quality:

Your can trust you buy CQtext coated stormflag that you’re getting the best quality and service feasible whenever. Our team of experts enables you to select the size is right design, and color for your stormflag, and we’ll be sure on time and in perfect condition it’s delivered to you.

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Application of CQtext Coated Stormflag:

CQtext Shining Stormflag 110g that coated perfect for anybody who would like to remain safer during a storm. It’s useful for an individual who live near the ocean or in areas with hurricanes and more storms are strong. It can also become used by businesses and organizations to warn user about dangerous weather conditions.