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What is Shipflag

February 20,2024

What is shipflag?

The professional name of shipflaf is called spun polyester flag.It is a type of flag made from polyester fabric called spun polyester.It is a kind of synthetic fabric made from ppolyester fibers,which is twisted together together to become a strong and reilient material.

What is its advantages?

The fabric itself is thick but the weight is light.The lightweight the flag to flutter and move with the wind.With this point,adds to the visual appeal of the flag and help catches the attention.

Moreover,shipflag has extrimally long active life.This is because of its special producing process.The fabric is often treated to enhance its resistane to UVrays,ensuring that the flag maintains its virant color even with the exposing sunlight.So shipflag is a good option for those who need special require that they need their products stands outdoor with strong wind and rain.They do not need special maintances and the dirt can be easily washed with this type of fabric.

Addtionally,after many extra specail producing process,the color can still be vivid and vobrant.

All in all,it is known for its durability and vibrant flag.It can be placed in all extreme weather,a good choice for various flag display purpose.