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The speciality of stain fabric from CQtext

February 01,2024

Stain fabric,the first choice of indoor Banner and all other indoor exhobition material.It is a type of fabric that has been manufactured to resist stains and spills.It is famous by its convienience and ease of maintainance,this material can also been used in clothing,household linensand unholstery,but of course also indoor banner flag,  that is that is also what we are talking about today.

CQtext,the fabric leading producer in this industry,their can produce really high quality of stain fabric.

They provide three different weight of stain fabric,there are stain fabric with 125g,160g and 200g,with different weight the fabric can appear different types of quality, permeability, shading, fluidity, applicability and also gloss degree and hand feelings.Normally,heavier weight stain fabric will be more sticker and strong,their fludity and permeability are not so good but the shading is the best.A lighter weight can be more good fluidity, good air permeability, but otherwise relatively average.

Dur to the special texture from CQtext,the luster of stain fabric can be very strong.Compact structure, CMYK and knotting effect is very good, shading effect is the best of all fabrics, very suitable for indoor display equipment.However,they also have some shortcoming,they can not be used in outside and the glossing part only can be in one side.In addition,the surface of the fabric is easy scrathed.

However,this type of fabric is the best choice for banner flag,  the luster, texture, color expression, fluidity, ease of use, and versatility of Satin fabric make it the preferred choice for indoor banners. They can add a sense of luxury and art to the space, while meeting the needs of decoration.

Stain fabric is also the perfect fabric for the custormers who pursuing products with better visual effects and quality.