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The flag of ancient time

September 18,2023

China has a long history of flag culture in ancient times, but few people have explored and organized it. After searching various websites in China, the three regions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and even overseas, they have found that there are very few books related to ancient Chinese flags and ceremonial instruments. I saw various posts and articles on the internet about flags and ceremonial objects, but I was still not satisfied. So, with a heart of exploration, I tried to explore these unnoticed things from some ancient books and books.

The Origin of Flags

Flags are a product that accompanies the development of human society. During this process, clans, tribes, and tribes emerged. People from the same tribe worked together to cultivate, fish, and hunt, and different clans and tribes engaged in warfare. In order to distinguish between their own and other clans, people used symbols, totems, and logos to distinguish them. These symbols or totems are to some extent the products of early folk beliefs. People revered the birds and beasts of nature, mountains, rivers, astronomy, meteorology, and other aspects, and regarded them as the guardians of gods or tribes. Over time, they became a special symbolic symbol. On the other hand, these special symbolic symbols also have a certain function of conveying information.

The Legend of the Origin of Ancient Chinese Flags

China has a long history and a long flag culture. It is said that the flag was invented by the Yellow Emperor. According to the "Tongdian", "The Yellow Emperor vibrated the army, taught the Xiongbei Pixiu tiger, formed the formation, and set up five flags and five banners. Legend has it that the Yellow Emperor fought against Chiyou. He established flags in five colors: red (red), yellow, blue (blue or green, usually referring to blue), black (black), and white, based on the five elements and square colors. Among them, the red flag symbolizes the fire in the Five Elements, representing the south; The black flag symbolizes the water in the Five Elements, representing the north; The blue flag symbolizes the wood in the Five Elements, representing the East; The white flag symbolizes the gold in the Five Elements and represents the West. It can be said that the color and orientation, as well as the five elements concept included in the design of the five color military flag, deeply influenced the design of future flags.