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The best material of flag, stormflag

January 30,2024

The stormflag is a remarkable symbol of resilience and unity in the face of adversity. It is a half-trimmed warp knitted fabric that has become one of our best-selling products.

Our stormflag is widely recognized as the best material for flags.

It is a highly professional fabric that incorporates two different types of technology. Thanks to our dedicated and skilled team, we have been able to produce this fabric in-house. Over time, this technology has evolved into a symbol of unity, representing support for one another and the ability to weather any storm as a cohesive unit.

One of the advantages of the stormflag is its versatility.

The knitted base provides breathability, durability, and elasticity, making it suitable for clothing that requires comfort and ease of movement. Although our primary focus is on producing flags for our mother company, the same principles apply. Additionally, this fabric can be easily cut without concern for fraying or difficulty in cutting.

Our main production using this fabric includes national flags, outdoor advertising flags, parasols, and tents. It can be used in various situations. The stormflag has been manufactured using advanced technology to ensure water resistance, even in the midst of a storm or when placed on an island. Of course, it can also be used indoors. We highly recommend our stormflag to all customers.