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The Interesting History of the Three Color National Flag

September 20,2023

When watching international competitions such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup, you may have been puzzled: the national flags of many countries are striped flags with three colors, and some even have the same color group, so you can't tell who is who.

In fact, according to statistics, nearly one-third of the countries in the world use tricolor striped flags.

However, although they look very similar, in fact, the slight differences in color and arrangement of color blocks behind these three color flags all have very interesting historical origins. Today we will talk about the stories behind several common color schemes in the tricolor striped flag, and how to distinguish common tricolor flags.

The story also starts from 17th century Europe. At that time, in distant Western Europe, a young country - the Netherlands, with its powerful maritime power, began to establish colonies around the world and quickly became the global maritime hegemon. According to statistics, there were only 20000 ships in the world at that time, with the Netherlands accounting for 15000. And these ships, sailing in the vast sea, hang red, white, and blue flags that are eye-catching and easy to distinguish. Later, many tricolor flags with horizontal stripes in Europe referred to the Dutch flag. For example, the red, white, and blue flags of Russia were originally designed by a Russian emperor, Peter the Great, following the example of the Dutch flag.

In the 19th century, the European revolution was surging. Just next door to the Netherlands - the French have waved red, white, and blue flags, sparking the French Revolution against the feudal dynasty. This flag is also the embryonic form of the current French flag. Later, many vertical striped tricolor flags emerged in Europe, inspired by the French tricolor flag.

The above is the story of the red, white, and blue striped flag. Apart from the Netherlands, Russia, and France, many other European countries (Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia) also use red, white, and blue striped flags.