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Shining stormflag,the next trend

January 30,2024

CQtext produce great stormflag,  except from stormflag, there is another same serious flag,shining stormflag. Shining stormflag, the glossy warp knitted fabric of CQtext.

In the fabric fied, warp knitting has become a verstile technique that can make all kinds of facbric products.within various of products,shining otmflag has stand out and become extrimally populary. Denpends on its special sheen and attractive appearance, thistype of fabric has has gained prominence in the fashion and interior design industries.

Glossy warp knitted fabric is known for its smooth, lustrous surface that reflects light in an enticing manner.

It is created using warp knitting machines, which interlock yarns in a specific pattern to form a stable fabric structure. The presence of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester enhances the fabric's glossiness, adding a luxurious touch. Additionally, the tight-knit construction of the fabric results in its durability and resistance to stretching.

It is also popular in fashion industry and interior design,with its shining external,people choose it to make event dress,underwear,and some decoration.It can make the object become more attractive.Moreover, its draping qualities make it suitable for flowing gowns and dresses, enhancing the wearer's elegance.

We use the glossy warp knitted fabric to produce flag,it helps in the same way,moreover,its durability.Shining stormflag has extremly onlg active life,no matter where you paced it.This fabric mainly chosen by those who looks high on the quality.With its special external,more people will be attract by the adverting or the product itself,which can greatily enhance the popularity of the brand.

However,the price will be high then the normal stormflag.