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Mesh Polyester From CQtext

March 12,2024

Mesh polyester is a kind of multi-functional textile, which has a wide range of applications and many advantages. It is also been called as airtex in CQtext.It is woven from interwoven yarns or threads to form a series of parallel square or rectangular grid structures.

First of all, airtex has strong support and durability.

Thanks to its interwoven structure, mesh cloth is able to withstand large strains and pressures, making it an ideal material for reinforcement and support applications. It is often used in construction and civil engineering to reinforce concrete, protect walls or build temporary structures.

Secondly, the polyester also has excellent air permeability and filtration performance.

The grid structure of the open space allows air and liquids to flow freely, while also effectively filtering impurities and particles. This makes the mesh cloth widely used in the field of air filtration, water treatment and environmental protection.

In addition, the fabric also has good flexibility and plasticity. It can be cut, folded and bent as needed to accommodate a variety of shapes and surfaces. This makes mesh cloth an ideal material for products such as packaging, partition and decoration.

In addition to the above features, mesh polyester also has corrosion resistance, water resistance and fire resistance, enabling it to be used in harsh environments and special conditions.

In summary, mesh polyester is a multi-functional material, widely used in construction, civil engineering, filtration, packaging and decoration fields. Its strong support, air permeability and filtration properties, as well as flexibility and plasticity, make it an indispensable material in many industries. Whether it's protecting structures, filtering air or creating unique designs, mesh cloth plays an important role.