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Table Cover Fabric

Display elastic 260g-Elastic Outdoor Event Table cover fabric 105-320cm width digital print Heat transfer high quality Shiny light promotion cover strong stretch white fabric 100% knitted polyester

100% Polyester Knitted
Testing Method
Width (cm)
Total Weight260g/m ²DIN EN ISO 2286-2
BS 3424 MEthod 5A
Usable inksDispersion Inks
UV lnks
Oil Based Ink
Flame Retardant (FR)B1,B2,M1,M2 OptionalDIN 4102
DIN 75200
ApplicationScreen Print / Digital Print
QC-ManagementDIN ISO 9001
DIN ISO 14001
DIN ISO 18001
RemarkNo Restricted Chemicals are Used.
Extra List is Available.

Display elastic 260g is a high-quality, elastic knitted polyester fabric that is perfect for creating custom table covers that fit snugly and securely on your tables. With a weight of 260g per square meter, this fabric is thick and durable, ensuring that your table covers have a premium look and feel. Its elastic property ensures that it stretches to fit your table, providing a secure fit that won't slip or move. 

Display elastic 260g is also weather-resistant, ensuring that it retains its color and vibrancy even in harsh outdoor conditions. This fabric is perfect for those looking for a high-quality and secure fitting material to create custom table covers for all occasions.